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An African Entrepreneur's Philanthropic Journey
September 16, 2015
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al-gore-e1442917422916-252x300One of the biggest challenges that I regularly see and on occasion; personally face today is that the youth and small businesses struggle in getting support or raising finance in order to start or expand their efforts.

It is for this reason that the I setup the non-profit social platform dubbed TheLight for Life Foundation. This foundation is very close to my heart and was inspired by a story I heard of a mother giving birth in the dark with nothing but flickering, toxic candle to illuminate the gloom. Add to that the fact that the new born’s first fragile breath on this God given Earth was full of the toxins from that same candle.

The idea behind this platform is simple, it’s to showcase the brilliant youth ideas across the continent so that we can create a one-stop location that our governments, multinational companies, development partners, social investors and philanthropic individuals across the world can support through funding, transfer of technology, training or simply just mentoring so as to create the Africa we want and dream about.

I will use every opportunity or engagement I do in and outside Africa to highlight our platform so as to better increase the odds of our projects being successfully supported.

All this will be done with the strict criteria of having a green conscious and being environmentally friendly.

Please visit feel free to visit and share our platform today!

Thank you and stay blessed.

About author

Patrick Ngowi

A Tanzanian Entrepreneur. Founder of Helvetic Group and Co-founder of the Light for Life Foundation.

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